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These days, people have been using smartphones to a great extent. The main reason behind the rapid usage of smartphones even by a small kid is that the smartphone comprises of amazing apps with unique features. That’s the reason, people got highly accustomed to that gadget. To say it precisely, people are addicted to smartphone and most of them consider it as a part of their life. We have bounteous applications on the smartphone that help us get our things done in a right way.

If you’re an Android smartphone user, you might be quite familiar with Google Play store app store where you can find innumerable apps, games and much more stuff. Some Android apps can be quite beneficial to handle our day-to-day chores in a hasty way.Here, I have come up with an amazing Android app called “Mobogenie.” It is the best Android applicationfor those who wish to connect or synchronize their smartphones with Desktop or Laptops.

Mobogenie App is a smart app that helps you connect your mobile phone to your personal computer or laptop with much ease. Just using Mobogenie app, you can connect your smartphone to a PC so that you could store all your mobile data like photos, important documents and videos on your PC. Here is everything you need to know about the Mobogenie apk including the detailed downloading process for Android. Have a look!


Features of Mobogenie Android App

  • Here are the amazing features of Mobogenie Android app:
  • You can synchronize and store all your mobile data with your Desktop or Laptop.
  • Mobogeniehas easy to use interface with simple navigation. It renders auser friendly user interface using which you can download plenty of apps on your device.
  • You can have tons of apps on Mobogenie Android app store which are not even available in theGoogle play store so that you can download your desired app directly to your desktop device.
  • These apps are not country specific on this Mobogenie as it doesn’t have any restrictions on your PC.
  • The app supports to run all android apps with Mobogenie app on your device.
1. Free and Safe

Mobogenie offers the best resources to safeguard your device’ssecurity. The app updates the resources on the app on frequent basis to renderwide-ranging and free global access for all the android users.

2. Unique Interface and Efficient Management

You can organize your apps, music, YouTube videos and games that can be downloaded at free of cost. Also, you can receive automatic update alerts via the Download Manager.

3. Daily Picks

The app is combined with controlling intelligent recommendation engine. You can get recommendations of up to 12 Mobogenie editors, considers your personal favourites and picks the best Android apps for you every day.

4. Wi-Fi Settings – Practical and Intuitive Apk

Mobogenie supports 2G/3G connectivity and Wi-Fi environments, familiarizing to variouscustoms of user to standardize browser traffic and limit the bandwidth consumption.

5. Multilingual support

Mobogenie app fully supports more than 10 different languages that includeEnglish, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Arabic, Russian, Indonesian, Vietnamese and many other languages. The app has offers multilingual support in order to provide users with a more unique and perfect Android app download experience.

Download Mobogenie App APK for Android

Mobogenie – Best Alternative App Store

It has got easy to navigate interface.  There is an easy to use option ‘Mobile phone management’, using which user can manage his/her phone easily.  Under the option you will find the options that will help you manage your contacts, SMS, apps, music, pictures and videos.  User can also keep a track of the available storage on the SD card using this app.  The app will marks the store in various colors for different stuff like apps, videos, music, picture etc.  Mobogenie comes with lots of exciting features that will grab the attention of the users easily.

Mobogenie Apk is a best alternative app store that allows users to connect mobile phone and a PC so that they can store a lot of stuff like photos, videos, documents, apps and much more with much ease. Mobogenie Android app is also known as best alternative app store for downloading various apps with just single Mobogenie app.

Mobogenie apk has wonderful features in its store.  Its backup/restore feature is one of the best features.  The feature will allow the user to backup all the data without losing any stuff.  You can store the data from your phone on the local hard drive and select the file to restore when needed.  User can back up their contacts, messages, applications, music, images and videos.  User can select the folder to save the backup files and also name the files.  In case if the user did not name the file, the file by default will get the name of the data.  Using Mobogenie user can also install .apk files into the smartphone from PC.

Mobogenie app is the best alternative to Google Play Store which has bounteous apps to download including those which are not available in Google Play Store. Mobogenie app also works as an Android Emulator as you can synchronize your mobile device with your desktop or Laptop. This app has several features that include mobile phone management, games, wallpapers, ringtones, apps and much more.
You can download the Mobogenie app for your Android device using the apk file from the link provided below:
                                                    Download: Mobogenie App APK
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